Looking for Artwork Submissions

Scribe Base is currently on the search for artwork submissions for the cover (and possibly background) of two upcoming issues. We may narrow the number of submissions down to 3-5, then have our readers vote on their favorites. First place takes the cover; 2nd and 3rd place will be included in the issue as runner-ups. … Continue reading Looking for Artwork Submissions


Update: Recent Poetry

We have a few accepted submissions to share that have been recently added to our site: I Was Broken by a Boy by Ivanna, appearing in our Spring 2018 issue II and V by Leara Nicole Morris-Clark, appearing in our Fragments of Childhood (Vol. I) issue.

Voice of the Voiceless; Standing at the Foot of the Ivory Tower

I have a dream, a vision. I've been managing this site on my own since January 2015. It's been both a learning process, and a journey; overall, it's been worthwhile. I'm writing this to share part of the inspiration for this site and obstacles I've encountered so far in my efforts to expand this site … Continue reading Voice of the Voiceless; Standing at the Foot of the Ivory Tower

Journal of Identity, Ontology, and Existences

Our academic journal is seeking papers, along with reviewers and editors with relevant backgrounds. You may find more details about this journal under our academic section, here. We'll accept submissions on a rolling basis, and plan to have our inaugural issue in February 2018. We'll also consider book reviews that provide critical insight into a … Continue reading Journal of Identity, Ontology, and Existences